2021 as a Turning Point for Social Impact Investment

İlyas Haşim Çakmak
Member of the Board of Directors, CEO Kızılay Investment Inc.

The business world is a part of the transformation process the world goes through. Designing the future by solely analyzing spreadsheets is now history. We need to predict the future with what we have learned from the past. Social and economic systems interact with each other more than ever before, and that signals a new era. 2021 indicates this new era with the global pandemic, global inflation, fluctuations in commodity prices and freight rates, and advantages and disadvantages in business lines. Social impact has importance not only in sustainability but also in recognizing new opportunities.

Providing financial support and resources to the Turkish Red Crescent’s relief activities, our different business lines within the Kızılay Investment ecosystem have acknowledged the advantages of this new era. In this context, the Turkish Red Crescent invests by focusing on activities with a social impact value. It has always been the leader in social impact activities in related fields; it has helped develop Türkiye’s industry. For instance, the Turkish Red Crescent has been on the frontline with initiatives, including a gas mask factory, tent production workshops, and the production and import of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. In terms of the activities and benefits of the elements of the “Kızılay Investment” ecosystem, the following matters stand out:

Kızılay Beverage

Being the flagship brand of the “Kızılay Investmen,t” “Kızılay Beverage” continued rising in the market in terms of production volume and brand equity. The volume of 1 billion bottles of production volume before 2021 reached 1.5 billion at the end of 2021. As a result of R&D activities on disaster foods and beverages, Kızılay Beverage patented “a food product to be used as a nutrient during a disaster and nutrition management,” “a powder composition to be used as disaster nutrition and its management” and “a disaster beverage.” These advancements demonstrate how it deserves to be labelled as a “flagship brand,” which also means providing more resources and more sustainable resources for the Turkish Red Crescent’s relief activities.

Kızılay Health

Another element of the “Kızılay Investment” ecosystem is “Kızılay Health,” which belongs neither to the public nor the private sector. “Kızılay Health” increased its efforts for sustainable health services. It maintains the Turkish Red Crescent’s commitment to helping society by providing home and workplace health services. It continues to fulfil its public service responsibilities while contributing to the relief activities of the institution by adopting a sustainable model. It serves as a reliable alternative not only in health services but also in high-quality elderly care services. In addition, “Kızılay Health” creates and provides training programs on home care service skills, as well as pre-service and in-service training programs to contribute to the development of its personnel.

Kızılay Logistics

Another element of the Investment ecosystem is “Kızılay Logistics,” which gained popularity on a national and international level and shared its experience with the humanitarian sector and the entire world. Thanks to its cooperation with the private sector, Kızılay Logistics improved its disaster response capacity and took firm steps towards green logistics through more effective work procedures. It took meaningful steps to find solutions to the problems of the sector and to contribute to it with the International Disaster and Humanitarian Aid Congress, which was planned out in 2021 and held between 9-11 February 2022. Following the convention with the IFRC, Kızılay Logistics declared its intention to be a reliable logistics partner for Türkiye and other countries. As a result of this convention, we will see “Kızılay Logistics” as a critical logistics solution generator for humanitarian aid products and services for the world. This convention was one of the most significant advancements in 2021, as it would create sustainable and continuous resources for humanitarian aid through the Turkish Red Crescent’s activities regarding disasters and emergencies, and would help Türkiye become a hub for disaster and humanitarian aid logistics.

Kızılay Tent and Textile, Kızılay System Building

Two members of the Kızılay Investment ecosystem, Kızılay Tent and Textile and Kızılay System Building took firm steps towards becoming global suppliers with the conventions they signed with the UN and IFRC. Kızılay Tent and Kızılay System Building became definite members of the partners of the sector with these conventions, which are about shelter systems for disasters and humanitarian aid. Other Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies, along with the UN and IFRC, will be a service field of Kızılay Investment.

Kızılay Asset Management and Kızılay Impact Investment

2021 was a year in which social impact influenced outside Türkiye. “Kızılay Asset Management” and “Kızılay Impact Management” developed medium-term projects in their fields to turn “Kızılay Yatırım” into the humanitarian aid center of the world. “Kızılay Impact Management” projects on developing value chain elements to create livelihood are especially significant regarding the activities to eliminate poverty.

Kızılay Culture & Arts

“Kızılay Culture & Arts” (KKS) continued the preparation processes of nearly a hundred publications in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent Academy. Consisting of publications that will support the Turkish Red Crescent’s activities intended for creating more resilient individuals and society, KKS Yayınları (KKS Publishing) will make all the difference in the publishing industry. Renda Köşkü (Renda Mansion), which belongs to the Turkish Red Crescent Society, has been transformed into a social impact center by KKS in cooperation with the IFRC. KKS continues its activities as a starting point for socially transforming ideas.

Within one year, Kızılay Investment has achieved tremendous milestones and is allowing us to take new responsibilities. We will continue to contribute to the sustainable future of the Turkish Red Crescent movement. Through our innovative and effective work processes, we will set an example for the world in social impact investment, which is our commitment to the compassion we have had since 1868. As we believe that accountability entails proceeding, reaching goals and objectives in unity, and with a spirit of sharing, we call all Kızılay sympathizers to acknowledge and support our activities that show our commitment.

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