Since 2020 the Türkiye Humanitarian Overview has been presenting annual academic and institutional analyses that shed light on the significant development in the field of humanitarian work in Türkiye. This publication has gained prominence in the relevant academic literature. It records institutional experiences and academic perspectives on disasters, migration, social services, public health, humanitarian diplomacy, international aid, and related fields. The evaluations and comments from researchers and humanitarian aid workers about this Overview have motivated us even more for our current year’s work.

In 2022, significant efforts were made in both individual and societal disaster preparedness, in addition to intervention activities for natural and man-made disasters where humanitarian aid organizations were actively involved in the field. Moreover, activities related to international humanitarian aid and diplomacy on a global scale were one of the important topics on our organization’s agenda. Each institution drew lessons from these activities, which were carried out by government institutions and civil society organizations and spread to every layer of society with the valuable support of volunteers.

Based on this, this Overview attempts to provide answers to the following questions, which include significant developments and lessons learned in the field of humanitarian aid:

  • What disasters and humanitarian crises occurred in Türkiye in 2022?
  • What are the prominent issues in Türkiye in 2022 related to disasters, public health, migration, volunteering, social services and international aid?
  • What lessons have humanitarian aid organizations operating in Türkiye learned from their experiences in 2022?
  • How did organizations with different sectoral, organizational and legal statuses intervene in humanitarian crises that occurred in 2022 in Türkiye?

It is with great sadness that during the preparation for the Overview, Türkiye witnessed the Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes. These earthquakes, which left significant marks on our individual, institutional, and social memory, on February 6 2023, became one of the major disasters in world history. The Türkiye Humanitarian Overview 2022 includes evaluations of the past year and academic analyses and institutional assessments in this issue of the Overview do not cover the 2023 Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes.

Turkish Red Crescent Academy

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