About the Overview

The Turkish Red Crescent Academy proudly presents the Türkiye Humanitarian Action Overview 2021. This Overview is published annually, with the first being published last year. Based on academic and institutional analyses, the Overview offers an insight into significant advancements in humanitarian action. 

Feedback that was provided for the 2020 Overview, including it being a reference guide for humanitarian aid literature, motivated us to prepare the 2021 edition, which records institutional experiences and academic perspectives in related fields. 

Humanitarian organizations actively operated in the field in 2021 when we experienced different kinds of disasters such as COVID-19, floods, forest fires, and earthquakes. Aside from disaster response activities, we saw different dimensions of risk management through education, awareness raising, and drills that were conducted in order to reach the goal of “resilient individuals and resilient society.” Moreover, activities conducted in humanitarian aid and humanitarian diplomacy were among the major topics on the agendas of our institutions.

Within the frame of this Overview, we aim to introduce and evaluate significant advancements and implementations in Türkiye in 2021 under thematic headings including disasters, migration, social service, public health, and international aid.

In this context, the following questions were asked: 

  • What were the disasters and humanitarian crises experienced in Türkiye in 2021?
  • What were the important issues related to disasters, public health, migration, volunteering, social services, and international aid in Türkiye in 2021?
  • How did humanitarian organizations operating in Türkiye continue their activities in 2021 despite COVID-19?
  • What lessons have humanitarian organizations operating in Türkiye learned from their experiences in 2021?
  • How did institutions with different sectoral, organizational, and legal status respond to humanitarian crises in 2021?

Turkish Red Crescent Academy

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