Beyond its domestic disaster efforts, as a country with experience in various natural and human-related disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, avalanches, and industrial explosions, Turkey is a distinguished actor in humanitarian action and international development. With various missions conducted abroad by government and non-governmental organizations, Turkey has developed its expertise in terms of its institutions and human resources and has accumulated field experience. It is recognized that the accumulation of expertise and experience in fields of disaster management, humanitarian aid and development aid should be subject to theoretical and academic research in order to allow for the production of data-based policies that will nurture the public on disaster preparedness and community-based resilience. With this purpose in mind, the Turkish Red Crescent Academy is responsible for conducting scientific studies with the aim of developing value-producing collaborations with academic institutions and researchers in fields such as humanitarian aid, disaster management, social services, immigration, humanitarian law, volunteerism and humanitarian diplomacy. 

Within this scope, the Turkey Humanitarian Action Overview 2020 has been prepared with a focus on the important developments Turkey experienced in humanitarian aid throughout 2020 and presents a systematic analysis of these developments. Under the headings of disaster, migration, social services volunteerism, public health and international aid, by chaining practical and theoretical accumulations, the Overview illustrates the significant developments and implementation of expertise in the field of humanitarian aid. 

During the preparation phase of this Overview, we first made an open call for manuscripts from every institution to cover their experiences in the field. We specifically requested for individuals and institutions to conduct their analyses so as to include situational assessments as well as lessons learned and other recommendations. We compiled together the evaluations of researchers, international, public and non-governmental institutions that responded to our call for papers and as a result reached the publication of this Overview. 

By bringing together statistical and academic research based on field experience, we hope for this Overview to be a beneficial resource. 

I would like to thank everyone involved in the preparation of this publication and thank all individuals and institutions for their contributions. 

İbrahim Altan, PhD
Director General, Turkish Red Crescent Society

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