In 2022, we experienced significant developments in the field of humanitarian work as we were exposed to numerous types and sizes of disasters on a national, regional, and global scale. Public institutions, civil society organizations, and volunteer initiatives worked to meet the basic needs of those affected by these disasters and urgent needs, and to manage disaster risks. These efforts, aimed at preserving human dignity and alleviating human suffering, also contributed to the institutional experience of humanitarian aid actors.

There is no doubt that recording the experience gained in these studies from different perspectives will be beneficial for both academic studies and institutions in the field.

Based on this, the Türkiye Humanitarian Action Overview 2022 has been prepared to shed light on significant developments in the field of humanitarian studies in Türkiye and to systematically analyze these developments. This Overview presents important developments and implemented practices in the areas of disaster, migration, social services, volunteering, public health, and international aid in Türkiye in 2022.

The Türkiye Humanitarian Action Overview is an annual publication and as always, we made an open call for articles to be submitted by all institutions in the field. We asked researchers, first responders, and institutions to conduct analyses that would include situational assessments, lessons learned, and recommendations in their respective fields. Articles submitted provide evaluations from international organizations, public institutions, and civil society organizations. All material in this Overview has been compiled with media and archive research to gather relevant data in their respective fields.

We hope that the Türkiye Humanitarian Action Overview 2022, which presents the humanitarian aid activities carried out in the past year from the perspective of institution officials, based on academic knowledge and field experience, and brings together basic data on humanitarian aid activities, will be a useful resource for researchers and field professionals.

We would like to extend our thanks to all the researchers and institutions who contributed to the Overview.

Dr. İbrahim Altan
Turkish Red Crescent, CEO

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