Disasters in Turkey in 2020

In 2020, two Level-3 (defined as national disasters) disasters occurred. These disasters were the Elazığ (Sivrice) and İzmir (Seferihisar) earthquakes. 17 Level-2 disasters (where only specific provinces intervene) occurred. 

The disasters that occurred in regard to flooding were the deluges experienced in Düzce, Giresun, and Bursa and the subsequent flooding that was experienced.

The avalanche disasters in Van and explosions that occurred in the firework factory and the factory evacuation in Sakarya contain important lessons demonstrating the significance of safety measures for disaster response workers.

Forest fires and droughts were recorded as the other prominent disasters to have occurred in 2020. 20,854 hectares of land were damaged in the 3,349 forest fires that occurred in 2020.

Affects of Disasters in Turkey in 2020

Elazığ (Sivrice) Earthquake411.067
İzmir (Seferihisar) Earthquake1141.035
Giresun (Dereli) Flood11172
Van Bahçesaray Avalanches (2)4153
Bingöl (Karlıova) Earthquake118
Sabiha Gökçen Airport Plane Crash3180
Sakarya (Hendek) Factory Explosions (2)10127
Van (Başkale) Earthquake937
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