International Indexes

a) Inform Risk Index

The INFORM Risk Index was first developed in 2012 for comparatively analyzing countries’ capacity to be exposed to, affected by, and cope with humanitarian crises.

Prepared in collaboration with the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Risk, Early Warning and Preparedness and the European Commission, the index aims to measure and rank the risk of humanitarian crises in 194 countries.

The index, which includes relevant institutions of the United Nations, the collaboration committee of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and many actors in the field of humanitarian aid involved in preparation processes, recently published the INFORM Global Risk Management Index 2021, which contains data on 2020.

The INFORM index scores are defined as 0-1.9 as very low risk, 2-3.4 as low risk, 3.5-4.9 as medium risk, 5-6.4 as high risk, and 6.5-10 as very high risk. According to the 2020 data, the INFORM index calculated Turkey’s score as 5.0, leaving it in the high-risk category just like the previous year. Turkey’s capacity score for exposure to danger is 9, for vulnerability is 4.9, and for coping is 3.2.

Turkey ranks 47th among the 194 countries with respect to the INFORM index score.

The countries with INFORM index scores from highest to lowest are as follows:

b) World Risk Index

The World Risk Index is an index that presents the risk status of countries over 27 indicators, taking into account the parameters of exposure, vulnerability, sensitivity, inability to cope, and inadequate adaptation. It is calculated by the Ruhr University Institute for International Law, Peace and Armed Conflict and published in cooperation with the Development Helps Alliance (Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft). With 181 countries on the index, Turkey is the 116th riskiest country with an index of 5.03

Country Rank Index Score Exposure Vulnerability Susceptibility Lack of Coping Capacities Lack of Adative Capacities
Turkey 116 5.03  12.29 40.96 18.17 72.92 31.80

World Risk Index




Lack of Adative Capacities

Lack of Coping Capacities

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