Solution-Oriented Journalism for Natural Disasters and Environmental Problems

Serdar Karagöz
Anadolu Agency Chairman of the Board of Directors/General Manager

In 2022, our world witnessed conflicts and crises on a global scale, while also experiencing disasters caused by climate change. These tragedies affected all of humanity regardless of religion, language, or race. As we strive to overcome the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we increasingly need solution-oriented activities and methods of combating new crises in our current order. The need for taking action against climate change and environmental issues is growing day-by-day worldwide.

Media organizations have crucial roles both in raising societal awareness regarding climate and environment and in documenting developments in this regard. As one of Türkiye’s oldest rooted institutions with a 102-year history, the Anadolu Agency takes important steps in ensuring accurate communication during crises and disasters and in combating climate and environmental problems, in line with our responsible journalism approach. While we progress confidently towards becoming the leading reference news source in our field without disregarding our humanitarian responsibilities, we also dedicate our strength to finding alternative solutions to the crises faced by humanity.

In line with this, since 2012, we have been organizing ‘War Journalism Training’ not only for times of war but also to train journalists who can provide accurate and verified information to the public during natural disasters and in crisis areas. This program, which has had the participation of 487 individuals so far, is the most comprehensive program for training journalists who will work in natural disaster and crisis areas worldwide. It offers 46 hours of theoretical and 62 hours of practical content. Journalists whom we provide training in various areas ranging from survival skills in extraordinary situations to water survival, gas mask usage, and advanced driving techniques, successfully carry out their activities while ensuring their own safety in natural disaster and crisis areas around the world. In 2022, journalists who received this training worked in various conflict, crisis, and disaster zones, including the Russia-Ukraine War, witnessing and conveying the crises and dramas that unfolded there. 

In 2022, as Anadolu Agency, we launched our ‘Yeşilhat’ project with the aim of creating awareness for a more livable world in the fight against climate and environmental problems and bringing a new voice to climate and environmental journalism. ‘Yeşilhat’ informs the world by documenting developments in various subjects such as climate change, green economy, zero waste. It encourages relevant institutions and organizations to think in solution-oriented ways and take action. AA subscribers have free access to the content of ‘Yeşilhat.’ Thus, we provide environmental news that we produce and distribute with effort to the public free of charge as part of our responsibility in this field. At the Environment Forum, which we organized this year with theme of ‘reshaping the narrative of environmental and climate crises,’ we brought together the most influential decision-makers, journalists, and civil society representatives in the field of climate and environment. In the coming years, we aspire for the forum to become the most influential platform globally in the field of climate and environmental journalism, determining the international discourse.

As members of Anadolu Agency, we operate with the spirit inspired by the historical identity and deep-rooted experienced of our institution. We fulfill our responsibilities with principled journalism that does not remain indifferent to global issues, takes action, and becomes a part of the solution. In line with our publishing principles that prioritize public interest, social benefit, and solidarity, we strive to publish exemplary and informative content that contributes economically, socially, and psychologically to society. Our publishing principles, which value human dignity and do not tolerate discrimination and hate speech, make us accountable to humanity from our establishment to this day. As members of Anadolu Agency, while fulfilling the requirements of this responsibility, we continue to dream of a more livable world, take on new responsibilities, and contribute as much as we can to this fight.

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