Humanitarian Agenda According to Events

These graphics, which were prepared to present how often the selected humanitarian aid topics were on the agenda, were prepared based on Anadolu Agency news system data. On the news database shared by Anadolu Agency in 2020, each keyword (disaster, earthquake, flood, explosion, donation, humanitarian aid, blood donation, aid, migration, immigrant, asylum seeker, refugee, volunteer, landslide, fire) specified in the graphics was scanned within the news title, news spot, and keywords. The graphs showing how many times in which month the related words appear are presented below.

DISASTER (of News Articles)
EARTHQUAKE (of News Articles)
AVALANCHE (of News Articles)
EXPLOSION (of News Articles)
FLOODING (of News Articles)
CONFLAGRATION (of News Articles)
DONATIONS (of News Articles)
HUMANITARIAN AID (of News Articles)
BLOOD DONATION (of News Articles)
AID (of News Articles)
VOLUNTEER (of News Articles)

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